Fat Albert, a cultural icon lost somewhere somehow in the animated mess we call cartoons today.  So as a die hard fan I've decided to take it on myself to try and keep the memory and message behind Albert and the Gang alive.  Throughout the rest of the page you will find pictures, sounds, thoughts, and other sorted things.  So enjoy and help keep the big guy's memory and spirit going.

Fat Albert Pictures:
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Band Practice
Playin Ball
Carrying Boxes
In Class
Bumper Cars
Lunchbox Front
Lunchbox Back
Running Albert
Logo #1
Donald Pointing
Logo #2
Albert Alone
Follow the Leader
Playing Football
Holding Hands
Hey Hey Hey
HOlding the Rock
Driving a Pick up
Pulling a Rope
Rudy's Lead
Running Russel
Trash Can Gang
In the Window
Three in one
At the Store
Green Hornet #1
Green Hornet #2
Green Hornet #3
Green Hornet #4
Green Hornet #5
Green Hornet #6
Green Hornet #7
Green Hornet #8
Green Hornet #9
Fat Albert Drawes

Some other Cool Fat Albert Stuff:
Fat Albert Desktop Theme
Fat Albert Icons (Everyone but Bill)

Fat Albert Sounds:

Bill Cosby's original Fat Albert introduction
Ditchin' school
Dry up kid
Elevator operator
Fat Albert flip flop
Good Junk
Help Police!
Hey! Hey! Hey! (from Bill's original stand up routine)
Old ball...
We haven't etallday!
Fat Albert Theme Song

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